What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle

What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle

What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle STLC:

What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle – Introduction :

What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle : Software Testing is the process of checking bugs and errors in the software product to deploy the quality product.

What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle – Process :

In this process, an activity which helps to find issues in the software product and to solve them is referred to as a software testing process. It is the process of finding the correctness and quality of developed software applicaion. This also can helps to identify bugs as wellas missing requirements. It can performed manually or using software testing tools (selenium, jira, etc).

Develop A Quality :

To develop a quality and bug-free software product we need to follow the STLC process. STLC is a software testing life cycle which used to do the performs testing tasks one by one until we got the error-free product.

Steps Defined In STLC :

Requirement Analysis :

Software Testing Life Cycle
  • This is the very first step in STLC, In this phase as the product comes under the testing, environment test team should perform requirements and what actually needs. This phase is very important as tester gain many testing criteria to test.

Test Planning :

This is the phase where the test team makes plans testing modules which comes to test first. Further test modules will be divided into stubs and start testing one by one.

Test Case Development :

It is like a procedure of testing functions and input values in a particular field. In this phase, we need to find the expected results and actual results. In this phase, we need to write a document on a test case.

Test Case Execution :

After writing the test cases we need to execute it in the live environment. If our test case meets the expected results then the test case will be pass otherwise failed and we need to perform on it again.

Report Test Result :

Once the test cases executed on the live environment all the test results should be posted to the test lead and further test result document will be done for test status be (complete, in progress, or pending), types of testing, feature status, and bug tracking.

Defects Retesting :

This process applied to failed test cases again to fix the previously not fixed defects. This may be done in two cases, 1) when there is a bug fix written in the release note. And the other one is 2) If a bug is rejected, in this case, the development team refuses the defect and indicated it as a not-reproducible bug.

Regression Testing :

What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle Regression Testing : This a repeated testing was done on the already tested modules, after making changes or can say after modification. Normally we need to perform regression testing in following cases like if new changes or functionalities added, changes occured in the requirment, fix defects, fix performance issue, and if the execution platfrom changed.

Test Closure :

What Is The Software Testing Life Cycle Test Closure : This is a summary report prepared by test lead after performing all testing, in this report indudes requirment input, test plan, opened and closed defects report. It consist of detailed information about all tests, bugs and defects. This contains agenda of testing process performed in the software testing life cycle.

So the STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) is the process of any developing software. In which we are trying to improve the quality through testing there all facts. Which are going to use in the use of that software after development.

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