What Is Elementor For WordPress

What Is Elementor For WordPress

What Is Elementor For WordPress :

What Is Elementor For WordPress Or Introduction :

What Is Elementor For WordPress : An elementor is a plugin in WordPress used for build a page with drag and drop facility which helps to develop a high-end website for any page, theme, and design. It is a user-friendly plugin, easy to use as its elements can be used by dragging them.

Designing :

Composer For Designing :

For creating any website in WordPress we need a composer for designing, an elementor is a good choice which either comes with the many themes or we can install it from the plugin section in WordPress dashboard.

Develop A Perfect Website :

Elementor gives a platform to develop a perfect website for newbie users and also helps them by providing a user-friendly environment of elements at the right corner of it. Once you were done with installing WordPress theme and plugin make sure that all required plugins are installed or not later u can activate them as they needed among them some themes come with the composer.

Activation Of Elementor :

After activation of elementor you can go to the pages section in that click on “add new” tab then in the text-field enter a page name then click on publish button and with that Your page will be created. then i that page section you can see a button named as “Edit with elementor” click on that button then on then you will redirect to the elementor editor page where you can design your page by dragging elements like image, heading, text-editor.

Other Elements And Controls :

There are other elements and controls provided by theme like the elementor doesn’t have. Elementor also provides the templates where you can use them as your design so that you don’t have to use any element for design your page so it is also easy to create your page also saves your time.

Elementor Is A Page-Builder :

Page Builder :

What Is Elementor For WordPress : Elementor is a page-builder mostly recommended freely available themes or we can upload it by upload plugin option in WordPress. you can also search for it in the plugin option in WordPress where you need to click on “add new ” tab then you can write “elementor ” in the search bar the plugin start to search the related plugin and then you can see the plugin as elementor and after it click on install button and activate it.

Set Up The Settings Of Elementor :

In the elementor tab, you can see the various options of elementor from which you can set up the settings of elementor. Each of them has their own different options for design and implement your website design.

Elementor Templates :


Elementor Templates :

  • In this one very special option which one of my favorite option i. e. “My Templates “.
  • This templates can be either taken from elementor option or from edit with an elementor page at the time of taking the layout by clicking on the “+” Plus sign.

Working Of Template Section :

In the template section you can see the names of templates looks like a page where you can hover on it then you can see the many options related to editing like “Edit”, “Trash”, “Export Template”, and “Edit with Elementor”. In this, you can choose any option that you want to perform on your template.

Export And Import Template :

What Is Elementor For WordPress : “Export template” in this option you can download that template and further you can import it in the same way from the tool option of WordPress.

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