What Is AI Means

What Is AI Means

What Is AI Means Or Artificial Intelligence Means :

There are two different words with different meaning, Artificial means made by human being and Intelligence means “power of thinking and take decisions” in which human give some intelligence to the system or a machine to solve the problems by machine learning algorithms.

The AI is like a develope a skilled brain by a human, from which they can provide some intelligence to a machine so that it could help in their work.

Example : When we create a Robot. Then this will be the only machine. But when we put some logical instructions and functions. which are helpful for reading things and give some recognization ability to the machine. Then this will not be the only machine. This will be an example of Artificial Intelligence.

Thinking And Decision Of A Machine :

AI is nothing but to give the power of thinking and taking a decision to a machine so the machine is able to decide what to do further. We are discussing AI then It is must to know about its types that are as below.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence :

Strong AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

This was stated that the strong AI can think and it has a mind i. e. the power of thinking. Strong AI is that type of AI which actually performing like a human mind. In which the system is able to do anything like a human being can do. which can understand human speech and emotions and performs all the functions using its intelligence. In this, Algorithms are stored while executing the programs. Strong AI has the power of Make judgments, Solve puzzles, make a plan, Able To Learn and communication. This Should have been consciousness, self- awareness, sentiment, and sapience.

Weak AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

this stated as the weak AI systems can only act like it thinks and has a mind. In this type of AI, Systems are not so much intelligent to perform such functions and activities like a human can do. Algorithm for the Weak AI’s are not stored, a human can assign a task to them and they perform it by following the instructions.

Ability To Perform :

The goal of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is to create a Machine or A system which has the ability to perform an activity better than a human can do.

Speech Recognition Function :

We know that a human can communicate with their particular language but the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Systems has the Speech recognition function with that they are able to communicate. The speech Recognitions are mostly based on statistical learnings.

Natural Language Processing Function :

artificial intelligence
  • A human can read and write, in case of AI (Artificial Intelligence), it has the NLP function i. e. Natural Language Processing. As being human we can see with our eyes and act what we have seen, AI has a computer vision which comes under symbolic learning.

Image Processing Functions :

A human can recognize a scene around them with their eyes and can remind, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the Image processing Functions. which is not only related to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) but also related with the Computer Vision. A human can understand our surroundings, for this AI (Artificial Intelligence) Has the Field of Robotics.

Object Recognization :

A human is having the ability to identify the patterns such as grouping of same objects, AI has the field of pattern recognition, also the object recognization in accomplished in AI. The human brain is the network of neurons, and they use this to understands the things. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the field of Neuron Networks. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is working on Two Feilds symbolic Learning And Machine Learning.

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