How To Make Money As A Blogger

How To Make Money As A Blogger

How To Make Money As A Blogger :

What Is Blogger Or Introduction Or Blogger Definition :

How To Make Money As A Blogger: Blogger is the website making tool or a platform which is providing to us basic features and facilities which is required for making a good website. For today’s generation who wanted to start there own website and have little bit knowledge about the website and blogging, and the unique idea for a website but they don’t have more money to expend then the blogger platform is suitable for that person.

Development :

let know about the blogger platform in brief and why blogger is the good platform for making a website. First of all the blogger is developed by Pyra labs, But after some time blogger is taken by Google in 2003.

How To Start :

Blogger Is Free Platform :

Blogger is the free platform, There is no need to pay any cost for becoming a blogger if you have a unique idea about your future website. First of all, to start blogging on the blogger platform you need only two thing first is the domain name(which is the address of your website) and the contents or niche of your website. Blogging for beginner is perfect.

Hosting Space :

there is no need to worry about the hosting(which is the space for storing or publish your precious contents), In the blogger, the all responsibility of the space for storing contents are taken by the Google, Its mean that Google is providing the hosting to all bloggers by own.

Good For What :

  • Blogger is good for the static websites which have no need for the many modifications and updates. Blogger provides us the all basic features which are essentially needed for starting a blog or making informational websites and another related website which have not any dynamic contents needed.

What Knowledge You Should Know :

For starting blogging you do not need of knowledge about the HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP and any kind of the programming languages which required for making a website. Blogger is totally dependent on the base of drag and drops criteria.

How To Make Money As A Blogger :

How To Make Money As A Blogger :

When you have created your website through blogger. Then after that, you can apply your site for Adsense approval. If your site is good to go. Then you can show ads on your site and you can earn money through your site. And you can use your site for affiliate marketing for making money. And you can go for a Manual ad show for your user customer who will pay you.

Benefits :

Advantage In Indexing :

When we are working with the blogger there are various advantages like Google provides your blogs a better indexing then the other platforms because Google manages your website hosting, when your blog has not the good traffic and not ranked at the good position at least in this situation your blog is indexed in tabs at least it is the last position of that searched keyword. It is all because of the google hosting.

Advantage In Google Adsense Approval :

And there is another advantage is that when you are going to approve your website for the Google Adsense then there are the much possibilities to get approved by google quickly if you have the good contents or niches on your website. And in the blogger platform, Google takes the responsibilities to your all blogs in which you wanted to show the ads.

Advantage In Violation Contents :

If your any blog have the violation contents or any kind of contents which sounds bad. then on that page google automatically blocks to show the advertisement. But these facility is not provided for another platform of websites.

Blogger SEO :

And another advantage is a lot of SEO(search engine optimization) benefits but actually, it is totally dependent upon your website contents and niche of your website and keyword which you are selected for the seo(search engine optimization).

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