Competitive Cheerleading

Competitive Cheerleading

Introduction about Competitive Cheerleading :

Competitive cheerleading is called competitive cheerleading. When cheerleading teams
compete against each other at a competition. Competitive cheer has various fun
and various hard work.
All-Star teams or competitive cheer squads are great. At acrobatics, stunting,
dancing, and cheering
. In 1978 Competitive cheerleading introduced.

In which time Cheerleading Get Competitive?

Before the beginning of Competitive Cheerleading :

When cheerleading (History about Cheerleading) began with a group of guys. They cheering organized cheers on the
interests at a football sport. In fact, in the Princeton University paper or magazine.
They were introduced as the “chosen yellers” for the sport.

Beginning of Competitive Cheerleading :

Competitive Cheerleading1

When cheerleading began with a group of guys cheering organized cheers on the interests at a football sport.

In fact, in the Princeton University paper or magazine, they were introduced as the “chosen yellers” for the sport.

And after some time, cheerleading has advanced from a group of male cheer from the hobbies to a serious sports style.

Competitive cheer has come, and cheerleaders are now
considered professionals. While cheerleading routines obtain various moves from multiple
techniques of dancing and practice components of acrobatics and tumbling,
And the stunt in cheerleading has positively executed cheerleading as
a unique game or different sport.

Competitive Cheerleading facts :

Cheering period :

At a usual competitive cheer competition, cheerleading squads perform 2.5 minutes
 with a song that includes stunts, jumps, falling. Competitive cheer squads
are judged by cheerleading experts on difficulty and performance. And the champion in each
category receives a trophy and bragging benefits.

School competitive cheerleading :

All types of competitive cheer squads have the opportunity to compete. But all
school-based cheerleading teams are not competitive. School competitive cheer squads
execute methods with a cheer with flags, poms, and amplifiers. that showcase their hobby skills
onward with a fun part to the song.

Other competitive cheerleading :

On another side, all-star competitive cheerleading teams, who are not belonging to any school,
survive only to compete. All-star competitive cheerleading squad’s methods do not include
a cheer because they don’t cheer for anyone. And their cycles are all entertainment/music.

Competitive cheer squads compete based on age and difficulty level 1-6, closer to 6
is the most difficult, and closer to 1 is the least difficult.
competing as a competitive cheer squad is very challenging, energetic, and so much joy.

Competitions and companies :

Asian Thailand Cheerleading Invitational (ATCI).
Cheerleading Asia International Open Championships (CAIOC).
Cheerleading World Championships (CWC).
ICU World Championships.
National Cheerleading Championships (NCC).
Pan-American Cheerleading Championships (PCC).

Varsity: These are the subsidiary competition companies of Varsity Spirit.

All Star Challenge.
All Star Championships.
All Things Cheer.
Aloha Spirit Championships.
America’s Best Championships.
American Cheer and Dance.
American Cheer Power.
American Cheerleaders Association.
Athletic Championships.
Champion Cheer and Dance.
Champion Spirit Group.
Cheer LTD.
COA Cheer and Dance.
Coastal Cheer and Dance.
Encore Championships.
GLCC Events.
Golden State Spirit Association.
The JAM Brands.
Mardi Gras Spirit Events.
Mid Atlantic Championships.
Nation’s Choice.
National Cheerleader’s Association.
One Up Championships.
Sea to Sky.
Spirit Celebration.
Spirit Cheer.
Spirit Sports.
Spirit Unlimited.
Spirit Xpress.
The American Championships.
The U.S. Finals.
Universal Cheerleaders Association.
United Spirit Association.
Universal Spirit Association.
World Spirit Federation.

2014 Sandwich Indians Competitive Cheerleading Routine :

How much is competitive cheerleading?

There are various competitive cheerleading. All the above examples are belonging to competitive cheerleading. In which competition companies and competition companies of Varsity Spirit are included.

How much does competitive cheerleading cost?

Competitive cheer gym costs proximately $2,000 to $3,000 per year. Including what relationship between the gym’s squads travel for competitions. Compatible with the USA All-Star Federation. Which declares cheer gyms and operates cheer competitions. Week-long late cheer tents can cost proximately $200 and $300.

What is the biggest cheer competition?

NCA (National Cheerleaders Association) All-Star National Championship. The NCA All-Star National Championship is the biggest. In which more than 36,000 participants competing for a winning title.

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